Posted by Dan on 1st Sep 2022

Gain Muscle Lose Belly Fat

The title of this article is something of an everyday email question posed to us.

“What should I run to gain some size and lose a little bit of fat?”

For almost all people wanting fast results or miracles this cannot be achieved simultaneously. The very simplistic reality is that to gain weight you require surplus of calories to your daily requirement to maintain current bodyweight and to lose you need a deficit on this requirement, therefore to expect both to be achievable is somewhat of a contradiction regardless of what supplementation you might attempt.

Some, and very few can get such results based on their makeup and being very in tune with their diet knowing accurately their calorie needs and food sources and what sort of macros are suited to their body but for most there is only disappointment.

The majority of people setting out on some form of supplement cycle and with such visions of sculpting the perfect larger but leaner body end up selling their selves short from maximising results on either goal. They will through fear of further fat gain not eat enough to maximise the muscle gain angle or eat too much or wrongly and further fat gain is inevitable.

Therefore often people that gain some size finish their supplement course and then are desperate to address the unwanted weight gain element and begin cutting calories and sacrificing the new muscle they have developed and basically go round and round like this in full circle never achieving the desired physique.

This scenario is often the one which results in people blaming products for not transforming them or assisting in making progress with their goals.

This is why focussing on one goal is optimal for results – bulk or cut and eat and train to achieve that one single goal.

The unwanted to be heard truth is that as a general rule if you feel you have some body fat you do not wish to have that this is what needs to be addressed before considering bulking. Sorry!

The higher the bodyfat you possess the more your body is accustomed to storing fat and the less visually apparent muscle gained will appear.

The consolation offered if accepting this harsh reality is that you will probably in several weeks’ time have a visual improvement on your starting physique and a far better platform from which to consider bulking/gaining size going forward.

There are some simple recommendations in terms of diet to help with food choice sources and also calorie aims which we will cover in forthcoming articles.

For now, look in the mirror, be honest about what you see and need to do and strive for what you need to do to get to where you want to be as opposed fantasising over where you want to end up and how quickly you can get there,