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 Increases in muscle with 100% natural anabolics and protects against the loss of muscle. Epicatechin is also shown to reduce cardiovascular risk, enhance exercise capacity, increase oxidative capacity, and increase angiogenesis (the process, or creation of, blood vessel formation).
£50.00 (inc VAT) £41.67 (ex VAT)
Sparta Nutrition’s Hercules is the highest stand-alone dosage of Laxogenin in the industry at a whopping 20mg per capsule with a total of 240 capsules. We dare you to find a better dosage with the industry leading delivery technology!
£40.00 (inc VAT) £33.33 (ex VAT)
ANDROMAX benefits: Tetrasorb Delivery Technology to increase lean muscle mass, intensity, hardening, bloat reduction and libido
£46.00 (inc VAT) £38.33 (ex VAT)
EpiMax utilizes the highest dose of Epiandrosterone with Tetrasorb Delivery Technology to increase aggression, muscle mass, strength, recomp, libido, and definition to turn you into an elite God-like warrior
£48.00 (inc VAT) £40.00 (ex VAT)