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  • GRIND- The Best Tasting Energy & Nootropic Supplement product- PERIOD.

Grind Energy

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Olympus Lyfestyle : Grind Energy

GRIND- The Best Tasting Energy & Nootropic Supplement product- PERIOD.

Put Passion into your Grind.

Life is a grind. Every day is a grind. If you’re not putting in endless hours, making sacrifices, and HUSTLING, you’re not getting it done. Passionate individuals will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, and while this tenacity is commendable, it also tends to instill bad habits, like reaching for a sugary energy drink or downing enumerable cups of coffee to combat low energy levels.

Grind’s unprecedented formula is specially designed to break the habits; the bad ones. We’re not loading our blend with empty calories, ridiculously high doses of caffeine, or any other fillers. We’re dedicated to our goals, our passions, and our customers, and we understand entrepreneurs, dedicated gamers, avid gym goers, and other fervent individuals need an extra boost to fulfill their daily grinds, which is why we set out to develop a healthier alternative to effective energy blends so you can grind on and reach your goals.

 Clean Sustained Energy To Fuel You Grind.

Olympus Lyfestyle has done its research and studied the most effectual ingredients, making sure to only extract and include the purest sources. We’ve seen the other bloated blends that other brands put out, and we’re not impressed because individuals that remain uncompromised in their pursuits of their aspirations don’t settle for mediocrity or inferior supplementation. Grind’s unprecedented formula is devised with 8 clinically-studied and backed pure cognitive and physical performance boosters to power your daily grind into extra gear so you can hustle harder and accomplish high scores.


Fuel your grind; get it done

  • Razor sharp focus so you can conquer any task
  • Relentless energy so you can power through a demanding day
  • Athlete-like poise so you can keep cool and collected when the pressure is on
  • Unbelievable concentration so you can handle any arduous assignment with ease
  • Complete nutrition so you can feel good about what you put into your body
  • Enhanced physical capabilities so you can perform like a pro
  • Crazy boosted cognitive function so you can improve your mind power
  • Incredible mood stabilizing vitamins so you can feel great about your grind


Key Ingredients

NooLVL™-     1600 mg (2 scoops) of this revolutionary, patented non-stimulant drastically enhances cognitive function while elevating your mood to a “feel good about what you’re doing” mindstate. Unprecedented ingredient effectively upregulates dopamine and supports neurotransmitter signaling, resulting in boosted reaction timing, processing and execution speed, energy levels, accuracy, and acute mental focus. Lauded and used by prominent e-sports athletes, a single dose of this tonic amplifies gaming performance, delivering the edge to crush the competition when the game is on the line. You’ll feel like a God when you’re battling Old Gods in WOW, and you’ll feel 100 when you’re racking up over 100 kills.

VIRTIVA®- Ginkgo Biloba and Phosphatidylserine Phytosome Standardized Extract - 480 mg (2 scoops)  of this “feel-good” energizing stimulant provides a proprietary synergy for primed memory enhancement and a desired Serotonin boost. Specially chosen for its impressive cognitive stimulation, this pioneering element helps support cellular functions, such as nerve transmitter release and signal transduction to bolster memory recall and cerebral function. From retaining new knowledge to enhancing recollection, this blend has been clinically shown to significantly increase brain power in young and older adults and lasts for over 6 hours after ingestion, so you’ll stay dialed while throwing spirals in Madden or enduring a Victory Royale in Fortnite.

Cognizin®-  250 mg (2 scoops) of this patented ingredient delivers citicoline, a naturally occurring nutrient in the brain that boosts levels of Phosphatidylcholine, which is critical for optimal brain function. Similar to the base stimulant caffeine but boasting 10x more brain power potency, this effective ingredient facilitates sufficient levels of dopamine and Norepinephrine to enhance your mood while boosting learning capabilities in visual, auditory, and spatial memory, supporting short and long term memory function, and turning brain cobwebs into crystal clear cognitive capabilities so you can dominate any gaming session, whether it’s headshots in COD or corner kicks in FIFA.

Dynamine™-                     260 mg (2 scoops) of this ground-breaking element, AKA Methylliberine, is a pure alkaloid compound, which is structurally related to caffeine in that it functions to boost energy, focus, and mood while amplifying your CNS. Considered a close relative to TeaCrine and Caffeine, this innovative ingredient was a top selection for our formula as it successfully modulates adenosine receptors as opposed to caffeine, which only blocks them, resulting in a harder punch in a shorter period of time. This ingenious ingredient has been clinically shown to elevate your mood and reports no negative side effects, such as jitters, heart palpitations, or anxiety and features no crash so you can experience unbelievable focus, concentration, and enhanced performance for any online outing or any game with bragging rights on the line. We included the highest dose legally possible of this powerful potent ingredient to help you grind throughout the day.

L-Taurine-                            1000 mg (2 scoops) of this non-essential amino acid helps maintain proper hydration and an optimal electrolyte balance while regulating the immune system, antioxidant function, and delaying fatigue to boost overall performance, keeping you in the game longer, whether it’s online competitive play or it’s tackling your to-do list.

Caffeine Anhydrous-         300 mg (2 scoops) of dehydrated caffeine for a more concentrated, potent impact on the central nervous system. A staple in any effective energy blend, this timeless herb increases energy metabolism, activates noradrenaline neurons, and primes your body for performance; whether you’re heading to the Gulag or a last minute gaming tournament with the squad.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL-     750 mg (2 scoops) of this naturally occurring amino acid derivative provides an overall boost to cognition, enhancing brain function while stimulating your metabolism. Vital nutrient plays an integral role in burning fatty acids to create usable energy so you can maintain consistent energy levels, all day long, even when sleep is not a viable option.

L-Glycine-    2 g (2 scoops) of the simple non-essential amino acid modulates certain neuropeptides in the SCN, which directly combats the occasional sleepiness and fatigue induced by sleep restriction. Specifically designed to boost nootropic function, this nutrient has been proven to counter brain fog, stimulating lucid memory to increase cognitive enhancement without stimulant properties or significant capricious effects on mood. Perfect for young or older people in situations where the high retrieval of information is required or when performance is impaired by jet lag, shift work, disrupted sleep, or any other scenario where cognitive inhibition sets in.


From body to mind to spirit, our carefully crafted formula provides essential nutrients, compounds, and minerals needed to keep yourself focused, energized, and passion lit in pursuit of your goals. We’ve taken the time to choose our ingredients precisely so you can experience unrivaled nutrition that’s completely uncompromised.

Don’t be Fooled by Other Brands

Unlike most brands on the market, our clinically-backed formula has been calculated and curated for optimal effectiveness. Our unrivaled formula isn’t rife with fillers, additives, or other potentially harmful stimulants, which is all too common amongst popular brands. No sugars; just all the good stuff. We’re dedicated to providing superior supplements with wholesome ingredients that not only deliver incredible results but also taste better!


Clinically + Scientifically Backed

Every ingredient in Grind is backed by scientific research, documenting its safety, versatility, and efficacy.

Industry Best Flavors

All Olympus Lyfestyle flavors are developed by the leading professional flavoring house in the WORLD, unlike inferior products that utilize budgeted in-house developed flavors that leave you unimpressed. Grind also contains no sugars and no calories YET manages to include mind-blowing worthy flavors to help you style on the competition.

when to use grind

Concocted to fuel fervent individuals, our exclusive Grind formula is designed to power influencers, entrepreneurs, gamers, and passionate people in the pursuit of their goals, from sunup to sundown.


Morning –                                       A passionate lit individual requires the necessary nutrients and minerals to seize the day, which is why our nourishing blend is not only filled with the nutrition you need but also cerebral and physical enhancing elements to power ambitious doers to start their daily grind.

When the pressure is on –            The grind is never easier, otherwise it’d be called a “glide.” When the pressure is on and the competition is staring you in the face, reach for our vitamin-dense, amino acid-enriched, energizing-inducing formula to shift your grind into an extra gear so you can dominate. Perfect for gamers, deep-thinkers, and others that require immediate focus, concentration, and poise.

When that “2:30” feeling hits –           That all too familiar 2:30 feeling hits everyone at some point during their daily conquest; the haze and the lack of inspiration sets in and suddenly, you’re cutting corners and compromising on perfection. That’s why our potent supplement reignites wavering individuals with drive to finish what they started. Reach for this formula when you’re on your last leg to come back stronger and even more determined.         


The Grind is for Every Lyfestyle:

Males & Females







Rest assured, we’ve got you ALL covered. Grind is designed for every lifestyle; in Olympus Lyfestyle fashion.


Personally Inviting | Culturally Connecting

At Olympus Lyfestyle our goal is to show you the rewards of feeling and looking good through living a healthy lifestyle. You have to first feel good to look good and that is by both pursuing and embracing a healthy lifestyle. We are not just a supplement brand.

We exist in order to connect with you in an authentic "us to you" relationship by delivering cultural resonation and lifestyle integration. If you're pursuing a healthy lifestyle, then you're pursuing Olympus Lyfestyle. We're not here to sell products; we're here to have you join the lifestyle. Olympus Lyfestyle.

Welcome To The LYFESTYLE.

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