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  • 11-Andro  contains Androst-4-ene-3,11,17 trione

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Brawn 11-Andro contains 11-Ketotestosterone, or 11-KT, a naturally-occurring metabolite of adrenal hormones in humans. 11-KT is not a designer ph as it has not been modified in any way, nor is it a prohormone because it requires no conversion and is already in its active form.


Stress is a chronic issue in today’s modern society, with many of us under constant pressure. Day after day, the stress builds, resulting in high levels of Cortisol. Its negative impact can cost you more than you think, excessive Cortisol can rob you of precious muscle mass and pack on pounds of unsightly adipose tissue. In fact, chronically elevated glucocorticoid levels (such as Cortisol) cause obesity, diabetes, heart disease, mood disorders and memory impairments. Now, there are many compounds on the market with the goal of achieving either fat loss or muscle growth via multiple different pathways and mechanisms. But there is one that can achieve both while simultaneously crushing excessive Cortisol levels… Enter Brawn 11-Andro, also known as 11 Keto, 11-OXO or Sterone.


11-KT is a dry compound; it does not aromatize and won’t convert to Estrogen, thus no risk of water retention, bloating or gynecomastia (enlarged breasts in men). Despite its name, 11- Keto TESTOSTERONE, it is a very different compound with very different characteristics. But one characteristic 11-KT does have in common with Testosterone is its ability to activate AR-mediated transcription as effectively and strongly when transcriptional activity was tested in the murine androgen receptor. [1]
However, it’s most unique trait, and indeed what makes it extremely desirable, lies in the fact that it is capable of selectively inhibiting the function of the 11beta-HSD isoform known as ’11b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1′ (11beta-HSD1) or ‘cortisone reductase’, an enzyme responsible for converting Cortisone to the catabolic hormone Cortisol in target tissues such as adipose, liver and skeletal muscle. Through competitive inhibition 11-KT occupies the enzyme 11beta-HSD1, preventing Cortisone from accessing it. By preventing Cortisone from accessing
11beta-HSD1 it cannot be reduced to Cortisol, resulting in lower Cortisol levels! In fact, obese humans and rodents show increased 11beta-HSD1 in adipose tissue. [2] So SUP3R-11 will specifically target Cortisol conversion in adipose tissues, helping you shed existing fat while also aiding in prevention of further fat storage!
To further illustrate the significance of 11beta-HSD1, consider this, muscle wasting is a common problem as human’s age. Not only is this a problem for the general population, but it also affects aging bodybuilders as well. Interestingly enough 11beta-HSD inhibitors are in development for the possible treatment of general Cortisol induced aging, amongst various other purposes.
According to one study, higher levels of 11beta-HSD1 expression were associated with lower muscle strength in older men. [3] Thus with 11-KT being an 11beta-HSD1 inhibitor, it could potentially prevent or even reverse age induced loss of muscle strength! Making 11-Andro of interest to older lifters looking to maintain their strength or even regain strength lost due to age related metabolic changes!
Another important aspect of 11-KT is that it is “non-methlyated” (not 17a-methylated) unlike prohormones/designer prohormones such as Halodrol or Epistane, so there is no need for strong liver support like TUDCA while using 11-KT because it is not hepatotoxic. But since it is not 17a-methylated it lacks protection when passing through the liver. This is where transdermal delivery comes into play, which bypasses first-pass hepatic metabolism by going direct-to-bloodstream.
This means more 11-KT in your blood stream and less broken down by the liver. And because 11-KT has a molecular weight of 302.41 it is perfect for transdermal delivery, as the “500 Dalton rule” states the molecular weight of a compound must be under 500 Dalton to allow skin absorption. All known topical drugs used in transdermal drug-delivery systems are under 500 Dalton. [4] Transdermal delivery also comes with the added benefit of releasing compounds slowly over a longer period of time, meaning blood levels won’t rapidly peak and then dissipate as can be seen with oral administration.
So let’s look at 11-Andro and all it has to offer!

11-Andro provides:
-Cortisol Control
-Muscle Hardening (Increased muscle hardness)
-Anti-Catabolic (Muscle mass retention in a caloric deficit/while cutting)
-Mildly Anabolic (Mild increases in lean body mass via enhanced protein synthesis)
-Increased Vascularity
-Increased Strength and Power Output
-Increased Recovery Speed
-Decreased Body Fat (Via increased fat loss)
-Decreased Fat Storage (Reduced fat accumulation in a caloric surplus/while bulking)
-Overall Health Benefits
In addition to being:
-Non-Methylated/Non-Liver Toxic (Doesn’t require liver support such as TUDCA or NAC)
-Dry Compound/Non-Aromatizing (Won’t convert estrogen nor cause water retention or
-Excellent for Cutting/Recomping/Bulking
-Excellent Stacker

It runs counter to the popular misconception that you cannot lose fat and gain muscle
concurrently; in fact it is best known for improving body composition by doing exactly that. It is an excellent choice for cutting, recomping and lean bulking. It is an especially good choice for those with elevated stress due to its ability to control Cortisol, and for older men staving off age related diminishing strength. As logic would dictate, those on a cutting cycle will experience lower strength and size gains than those recomping or bulking, but will retain muscle mass while simultaneously reducing body fat at an accelerated rate. For those on a bulking cycle, more notable increases in strength and size will be seen, with minimized fat deposition when eating a caloric surplus.

One bottle of 11-Andro  contains an unbelievable 900 mg of Androst-4-ene-3,11,17 trione - 100mg per cap (11-Ketotestosterone), allowing for a full 30-day cycle at 300mg per day! We cut no corners, and believe in superior dosages for superior results. In fact, we back our product with our 3rd party purity tested lab analysis, assuring you the highest quality available on the market.

Side Effects of 11-Andro:
11-Andro is noted for its low risk of side effects, and in the event of side effects they’re typically mild. Most frequently joint dryness and potentially higher propensity to injury. However, because of its mild androgenic nature, side effects such as acne, acceleration of male pattern baldness (if genetically susceptible), and increased or decreased sex drive are all possible, though rarely experienced. The risk of masculinization (virilizing side effects) makes this unsuitable for women and children.

Though the risk of side effects is extremely low while using 11-Andro we always recommended that you have a comprehensive cycle support product such as AR1MACARE PRO on hand.

Dosing, Cycle Length, Stacking and Timing:
When used as a standalone, 300mg daily via oraldelivery for 30 days is regarded as the optimal dosage and cycle length. Because of its mild nature as a standalone, many consider it to be a fantastic beginner-level compound for those looking to run their first cycle.

However it is not uncommon to see experienced lifters with more than 2 cycles under their belt stack it with other compounds. Due to it being non-methylated, it can stack with virtually any popular designer ph or pro-hormone. For those looking to run a cutting cycle, pairing it with Olympus UK SUP3R-EPI (Epiandro) or Olympus UK SUP3R-1 ELITE (1-Andro) would yield excellent results. And for those bulking, it would help minimize fat storage while bulking on a strong compound such as Brawn TREST. It’s an extremely versatile compound that can fit into essentially any cycle.
On the subject of timing, due to the morning cortisol rise being regarded as an important part of arousal, users may not wish to interfere with the process by taking SUP3R-11  at night prior to bed. Late morning or early afternoon dosing is likely optimal for SUP3R-11 dosing.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) for 11-Andro:
Due to its very mild androgenic nature, it is possible that 11-Andro will cause some degree of suppression. Therefore it is recommended that at the very least an OTC product for PCT be utilized following an 11-KT cycle. Of course, the degree of PCT required depends upon how it is utilized, with stronger PCT products being required if 11-KT is stacked with other hormonal products while on-cycle.


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