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JW Review on MAXXZzz

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Obviously the cynics will be out for a review of the retailer of a product but those who have had personal contact with us via forums, emails or telephone, will know that we are not the pushy sales type and more enthusiasts trying to make a living from sharing our passion with yours.

Therefore, hopefully most of you will read this open minded J

I have been a terrible sleeper from about the age of 16, either getting to sleep or indeed staying asleep which has been my main bug bear for some 20 years. I tend to never enter a deep sleep and disturb easily and then struggle to get back to sleep again and instead find myself answering emails to you all at silly o’clock.

This occurs even with the strongest of prescription sedatives.

I have been one week now using MAXXZzz and although I cannot ignore that I have short ‘good’ spells of sleep and so have to allow that things could turn for the worse further down the line, I have enjoyed a new level of deep restoration since taking this product.

The first night I took 2 capsules assuming someone like myself would have little benefit from 1 but struggle to arise to get up in the morning so stepped back to just the single cap serving the next series of nights and despite still waking a couple of times – this I attribute to possessing the bladder of an 80yr old man, and have had every prostate and bladder test going, I have gone back to sleep with minimal fuss and woken around my normal rising time.

Whether 1 capsule will continue to be sufficient I do not know but currently it appears so and so on a product which contains 60 capsules in the current supplement market where you assume 20-30 days as the normal expectancy for a single pot/tub this potentially represents amazing value.

I intend to cycle at least 1 or 2 days off every 7 to attempt to prevent any increased tolerance or dependency and am 6 nights in as of tonight so will not use again till Sunday but have great hope for this for myself and urge anyone else that may be suffering reduced quality of life through sleep deprivation not alone sub maximal gains in the gym due to poor rest, to consider giving this product a try.

Hope it continues working for me and can work for you too.


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