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Protein Powders and Bars

JW Supplements have carefully chosen the best tasting and most enjoyable protein supplements while paying strict attention to the profile and nutritional content to ensure all goals can be met.

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Casein Complex is a Micellar Casein dominant milk protein blend exclusively from casein milk proteins.
£18.00 (inc VAT) £15.00 (ex VAT)

New and improved Anabolic Halo® is a powerful all-in-one formula designed to be taken once daily to drive muscle growth, strength, and recovery while training hard.
£33.95 £19.00 (inc VAT) £28.29 £15.83 (ex VAT)

Combat powder was formulated specifically for athletes and active individuals. Their bodies demand more (and more effective) protein. We deliver.
£41.00 (inc VAT) £34.17 (ex VAT)

Whey Isolate Powder Contributing To Muscle Growth
Protein to Build and Maintain Muscle
£50.00 (inc VAT) £41.67 (ex VAT)

    Supports Gains in Hard, Dense Muscle Mass and Strength*
    Features “Muscle Plasma Protein Technology”*
    Contains A Blend of Healthy Fats, Complex Carbohydrates & BCAA Nitrates*
£39.00 (inc VAT) £32.50 (ex VAT)

MuscleTech Phase8 is a premium blended protein formula that feeds your muscles for 8 hours. Each scoop contains an impressive 26-gram blend of milk-derived proteins that supplies a sustained-release of amino acids.
£48.00 £42.00 (inc VAT) £40.00 £35.00 (ex VAT)

Pure whey protein for maximal anabolic effects
25g of whey protein per scoop
Just 1g of sugar and saturated fats
Category leading taste and texture
£35.00 (inc VAT) £29.17 (ex VAT)

Quest bars have the best nutritional profile of any protein bar on the market bar none. We've got 20g of protein, 4g non-fibre carbs and no sugar alcohols or other junk. And most importantly our bars taste better than any other bar.
£2.00 (inc VAT) £1.67 (ex VAT)

A  unique formula of Superior Protein
£37.25 (inc VAT) £31.04 (ex VAT)

SYNTHA-6® is an ultra-premium protein powder with 22g protein per serving and is BSN®'s best-tasting protein on the market.
£40.00 (inc VAT) £33.33 (ex VAT)

One of the bestselling whey proteins on the market today, Optimum Nutritions Gold Standard 100% Whey provides 24g of premium Whey protein and 5.5g BCAAs per serving while remaining low in fat, sugar and carbs.
£44.50 (inc VAT) £37.08 (ex VAT)

Whey-HD™ is a modern day masterpiece. It is a smooth, delicious, mouthwatering scoop of unadulterated pure “Ultra Premium” whey protein powder. Formulated to dissolve easily and digest quickly – Whey-HD™ is the absolute best.*
£47.99 £41.00 (inc VAT) £39.99 £34.17 (ex VAT)

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