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  • HyperMax XT contains new compounds and added ingredients to take your energy levels through the roof while providing laser like focus.

Hyper Max XT

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Product Description

HyperMax was a game changer for the pre workout market and was rated #1 High Stim Pre Workout not only because it provided insane energy and focus but it also created extreme pumps and crazy endurance. HyperMax XT is the next stage in pre workout products taking that original “HyperMax Experience” to the EXTREME!

HyperMax XT contains new compounds and added ingredients to take your energy levels through the roof while providing laser like focus. The insane energy and focus is perfectly paired with extreme pumps and vascularity leading to more intense workouts and the most complete yet hardcore pre workout experience you've ever had!

Citrulline Malate (2:1)
is included in this formula for 2 main reasons, pumps and performance! The Citrulline Malate used in HyperMax XT is a 2:1 ratio providing a full 2g L-Citrulline per scoop which means long lasting pumps and fullness. Citrulline Malate is also known for its ability to delay the onset of fatigue and enhance performance through its ability to maintain PH levels.

is a fast growing and extremely popular ingredient, Beta-Alanine was added due to its ability to increase intramuscular Carnosine levels. Increased Carnosine has been linked to improved athletic performance and endurance through its ability to buffer lactic acid. Hypermax provides a full dose of 1.6 grams per scoop!

Glycerol Powder (65%)
has multiple applications within pre workout supplementation. Glycerol has shown to increase performance through its ability to quickly improve hydration and cell volume. Glycerol has also been shown to increase blood volume as well as increase intramuscular fluid leading to strong long lasting pumps and fullness.

Agmatine Sulfate
is an extremely popular ingredient for its ability to induce intense long lasting pumps. Agmatine can increase Nitric Oxide through multiple pathways as well as optimizing Insulin sensitivity leading to increased fullness, pumps and vascularit

Choline Bitartrate
is well known for its ability to increase focus, mood and improve mental performance however it's lesser known that choline also increases athletic performance, the perfect 1-2 punch. Choline when taken prior to exercise has been shown to increase performance and delay onset of fatigue!

Energy Blend
- We understand how important energy and focus can be for a workout so the research and development team at Performax took countless hours of research and testing to finally come up with an even better product then the original! The star player of our energy formula is an ingredient called Eria Jarensis Extract. Eria Jarensis Extract provides extremely clean energy while both enhancing mood and focus! , Eria extract contains a compound called N-Phenyldimethylamine which is chemically similar to DMAA and produces many of the same ergogenic effects such as enhancing mood, improving focus, and creating a feeling of euphoria. It is believed Eria Jarensis has this effect due to its naturally occurring phenethylamine content and the formula was designed to capitalize on just that!


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  1. Great pwo in all ways

    Posted by Øyvind Heggernes on 19th Feb 2018

    Great stim and good pump.
    Focus that lasts for å long time, and gives me a great workout every time.

  2. hyper max

    Posted by Andrej Wierzbicki on 13th Apr 2017

    This product is ok.I feel after 20-30min,good buzz,good pump.but I expected something different,little bit stronger but I'm 115 kg plus on anabilic fat diet so maybe that's why

  3. Great pwo.

    Posted by Oyvind on 23rd Feb 2017

    Love the combination of stim, pump andre focus.
    Ole of the better pwo's I've tried.

  4. Great Product

    Posted by David White on 28th Jan 2016

    It's not one of you caffeine heavy pre work outs that will have you sweaty and jittery within 20 mins, this is much more subtle. The main advantage for me is that the ability to focus and the improved mood lasts a long time after my workout. Highly recommend

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