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  • Once again, Olympus Labs has set the bar for the category of natural anabolics with its reformulation of EP1C – EP1C Unleashed!

EP1C Unleashed

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Product Description

Once again, Olympus Labs has set the bar for the category of natural anabolics with its reformulation of EP1C – EP1C Unleashed!

We have not strayed from the core value of our highly praised product, EP1C, but have only improved upon it. EP1C Unleashed still provides the high quality (-)/- epicatechin backed by our 3rd party purity tested lab analysis that you should demand from your supplements. We have also added additional ingredients and the latest in delivery absorption technology to improve bioavailability of the product. This ensures that you get the most out of your experience and produces even better results!

EP1C Unleashed provides:

    Increased strength and power output
    Increased endurance / stamina
    Enhanced vascularity
    Fat oxidation
    Muscle growth and differentiation
    Overall health benefits


The key ingredient to EP1C Unleashed is the inclusion of (-)/- epicatechin, a flavanol found in cocoa seeds and green tea. While the health benefits of (-)/-epicatechin (Epi) have been known for centuries, recent research has demonstrated that this flavanol may be useful for treating the age-related decline in muscle mass and associated strength, or sarcopenia, due to its action as a myostatin inhibitor. You may be familiar with myostatin, as it is a protein involved in preventing the increase of muscle size and differentiation, so blocking its action would be beneficial to those seeking additional muscle mass. Initial studies demonstrated that administration of Epi for 5 days increased follistatin (which binds to and inhibits myostatin) by 2.5 times. And in a pilot study with human subjects treated for 1 week with Epi, changes to markers of muscle differentiation were demonstrated, in addition to increases in hand-grip strength. Specifically, the study with epi demonstrated that the ratio of follistatin/myostatin was increased by almost 50%!

But there are also several other benefits to Epi, including reduced cardiovascular risk, enhanced exercise capacity and enhanced oxidative capacity, as well as increased angiogenesis (ie, creation of blood vessel formation) and improved vascular functioning via a NOS-dependent mechanism. Importantly, recent findings with satellite cells – precursors of new muscle growth and differentiation – identified that nitric oxide is a key messenger for maintaining function and enhancing proliferation of these precursor cells. All of these properties make Epi a very promising myostatin inhibiting compound.

Another well-known polyphenol is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a constituent in tea that has been studied in a host of conditions, from weight loss to cancer to osteoarthritis and Alzheimer’s. In addition, EGCG has been investigated for potential influence on parameters of endurance and lipid oxidation. However, both Epi and EGCG suffer from the known problem of bioavailability, with absorption of oral Epi occurring at less than 50%. Many plant derived compounds are hampered by their poor oral bioavailability – meaning that the amount of active ingredient that your body is able to use after ingestion, may be very little, and in some cases too little to actually have the desired effect.

However, while the anti-oxidant properties of EGCG are beneficial, the inclusion in EP1C Unleashed was a two-fold strategic choice, as coadministration of other polyphenols with Epi has been shown to enhance its bioavailability. Specifically, research on gallate catechins, such as EGCG, has been shown to increase the intestinal absorption of Epi. But simply adding EGCG with Epi would not elicit enough of a change for the results we really want. So, we did not stop there, we had to provide something that no other company has done…
Enter PhytoFUSE™

PhytoFUSETM – Enhanced Delivery System

EP1C Unleashed also utilizes a unique delivery technology, PhytoFUSETM, to further enhance the bioavailability of Epi. While the poor bioavailability of catechins has hampered use, PhytoFUSETM helps to overcome these issues. That’s right, we poured funding into the research & development and testing of a completely new delivery system. What other company can claim that? Research has shown that this method of delivery can enhance potency anywhere from 2x-6x! That means that EP1C Unleashed is 200 – 600% more potent than Epi alone! This enhanced delivery system, unique to Olympus Labs, utilizes specific lipids to complex with Epi on a molecular level, allowing for greater solubility and enhancing bioavailability, helping to effectively shuttle and prevent degradation en route to the intestines where it can be taken up. This means that more ingredient is delivered to the site where it can be utilized effectively, ready to be delivered to the bloodstream to flood your muscles with potent myogenic factors.
Real World Results

Once again, we could have just released this supplement at this point, confident on the research in the literature. But Olympus Labs drives results based on real world testing. We invested in independent alpha testing, to ensure that the changes made to our formula would pay off. And while we knew that the results of EP1C Unleashed were going to be positive, the results exceeded even our own expectations. In tester results, users reported breaking PR after PR, nearly unlimited endurance in between reps and sets, breezing through cardio, and enhanced vascularity. And this was from only a few days in. Additionally, significant body composition effects were very apparent on a bulk, a cut, and especially during a recomp phase. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are real results from some of our testers:

“Still noticing the same effects I have since the beginning. Increased sweat, endurance has been crazy, good pump and vascularity, muscle hardening. Seriously feeling like I barely need to rest at all when I sit the weight down. Muscles have been feeling fuller when reaching super compensation with my carb refeeds as well.” – carmineb1

“I started my 2 caps pwo and lol this stuff has now gone to borderline mild prohormone status for me. 10/10 pumps, great focus and just amazing strength.” – corbin@nutra

“Muscle Hardness/pump- 10/10 This is one of the very best attributes of this product in my opinion. I did not take a pwo and trained fasted for the majority of the run. The pumps I received were some of the very best I’ve ever had. Muscles would feel harder and full even into the next day… I started this log at 170lbs and ended at 177lbs for a solid 7lb gain!!!! This is an awesome gain to me for a natural product with very little body fat gain! Endurance was tenfold increased running this product. Workouts lasted longer with more reps and exercises. Felt like the energizer bunny all through the cycle!” - corbin@nutra

“The positives are still the same-DOMs, vascularity, endurance, fat loss/maintain strength and mass. If I had to make a direct comparison it would be very similar to [11-kt]” - Afi140

“For me [EP1C Unleashed] outshines mild ph’s (or not so mild) in the endurance department. Rest time in between sets is ridiculously short…never had that experience with any hormonal compound. For pumps it goes on par with mild ph’s… zero lethargy…which does happen to me on a lot of ph’s, aas.” – edje007

“So standouts this week have been two things, noticeable body composition and recovery. I trained 6 days this week and could have easily done the whole 7 no problems… Other mentioned things, volume and weights continuing to progress. Body composition wise, as I mentioned earlier in the week my waist size has significantly reduced… That is impressive, a natural supplement actually allowing me to increase my work load and causing fat loss and muscle gain simultaneously.” – NoAddedHmones

“This product most notable effect is tied between endurance and recovery. Both Are out of this world. Never had a supp provide the magnitude or even ball park it. I was able to consistently progressively over load in volume, weight( power days) and frequency over the entire course of the run. Effects kicked in within a few days and only got better. Other effects which are worth noting are the pumps. This was the only supp bar caffeine i used pwo and i was consistently achieving outrageous pumps. The GDA effect also is worth mentioning, talk about vein city after a large carb meal.” - NoAddedHmones

EP1C Unleashed is truly unlike any product that has come before it. While other companies may use deceptive marketing tactics to confuse the consumer, Olympus Labs will continue to innovate and provide the highest quality products, backed by independent third party verification, clinical science and real world results, to ensure that you can attain the physique that mere mortals only dream about.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your physician before beginning any diet, supplement, or exercise regimen.

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  1. Pumps & Endurance

    Posted by Rik Rodgers on 19th Apr 2016

    I like this stuff. I do find that my endurance increases and I also seem to be pumped a lot more - despite being on a caloric deficit during the week.
    Personally I do prefer Anafuse, but only because it has extras in it; however, I need to get that shipped from the States. This is my go-to product if I'm buying in the UK.

  2. Not quite EP1C!

    Posted by jase237 on 26th Oct 2015

    Very disappointed with this product for 2 reasons really.
    1. I bought this product for £55, then 2 days later the price was dropped to £44!!!
    2. Other than shorter rest between sets, I didn't feel I got anything from this product.
    There are so many cheaper products on the market that work 10x better than this product, unfortunately I got sucked in to the hype machine.

    In closing, save your money and investigate further

  3. Significant

    Posted by Peter(West Sussex) on 25th Jun 2015

    Hits the heights over any previous products.Endurance/stamina beyond compare.Tempting to exceed workout periods but I have refrained.No residual muscle soreness / joint discomfort.Must be highly commended.

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