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Brawn Thyro-Lean

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Thyro-Lean (120 Caps)

Sick of fad diets? Bored of starving yourself to achieve that elusive six-pack? The wait is over. Brawn Nutrition introduce stimulant-free thyroid regulation weight management product, Thyro-lean. With the perfect balance of scientifically-backed ingredients that actually work, watch the fat melt away and seize back the initiative in the fight against fat!

  • Modern approach to weight loss
  • Contains a T3 and T4 precursor
  • Maximum stimulates metabolism (T2)
  • Increases the concentration of thyroid hormones (T2)
  • Does not cause severe highs
  • Dontains health-promoting ingredients (oleuropein)
  • Increases insulin sensitivity (berberine)
  • Improves resistance to stress (brahmi)

Serving Size:Two capsules two times a day

it's worth to ingest doses before meals to accommodate larger amounts of carbohydrates.
Servings Per Container:60

Thyro-Lean is one of the latest brand products of BRAWN NUTRITION, which was developed to assist in fat loss. Its main component is 3,5 Diiodo-l-thyronine (T2). It is credited with T3 properties – a thyroid hormone, strongly enhancing the metabolism.

Recent reports regarding Diiodo 3,5-l-thyronine (T2) confirmed its strong characteristics which reduce fat. In rat studies, it was observed that after administration of T2 there was an increase in metabolic rate at rest, and increased fatty acid oxidation.

Based on the experiments, it is concluded that T2 supplementation in the appropriate dosage can cause similar effects as the use of triiodothyronine (T3) in the stimulation of the metabolic rate. As we know, T3 greatly accelerates the metabolism, and is used to extreme degreasing body before the competition.

Chocamine is an extract of cocoa. Due to the presence of caffeine, theobromine and synephrine, it is used as a dietary supplement to support weight loss and stimulating preworkouts. Additionally, it is a source of magnesium and antioxidants known as polyphenols.

Theobromine due to the longer half-life in the organism, offers a boost of energy, which is more durable and softer than that caused by caffeine consumption. This makes that less likely is the occurrence of side effects, which we can experience when stimulating with caffeine: sleep problems, excessive agitation, addiction.

Synephrine is a substance isolated from a Bitter Orange and used in the treatment of obesity. Studies confirs its positive impact on speeding up a metabolic rate, which may be helpful in effective weight loss therapy.

Berberine is attributed to a number of properties supporting weight loss. It was observed that consuming it can lead to: improved insulin sensitivity and the increase of its secretion, the decrease in hepatic glucose production, and increased lipolysis. Human studies confirm the beneficial effects on a blood lipid profile and weight loss.

The extract from the leaves of the Bacopa monnieri has a broad spectrum of activity. It has the potential to be an adaptogen, a substance that is reducing multidirectional stress, supporting the nervous system, and strengthening the immune system. The content of antioxidants can help in the process of regeneration and reconstruction of tissues. It is used to improve the focus during workouts, eliminating negative effects of stimulants, and strengthening resistance to stress factors.

The extract from the leaves of the olive tree although it does not contain substances that promote fat loss, it is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements. This is because the extract is characterized by pro-health properties. There is a wealth of antioxidants, and the most active one is oleuropein. Oleuropein protects our body from free radicals, and has an immunostimulating property. Both of these features contribute to health prophylaxis and help maintain homeostasis.

It is known that in a healthy body, most of the processes will take place without disorders, including those related to loss of body fat. In periods of weight reduction, often we are exposed to lots of stress factors, less sleep, we are forced to eat less, and it also happens that need to train more. It is important then not to shake the balance of the organism, and not to interfere with losing weight. The addition of an extract from the leaves of the olive tree is to help us in this case.

The purpose of Thyro-Lean is a modern approach to fat loss. The supplement is well suited for people being too sensitive to use fat burners full of strong stimulants. Admixture of pro-health compounds, can increase the body's resistance to stress, illness, provide extremely important antioxidants, and improve well-being.




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