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AI Aromatase Inhibitors

(AI) Aromatase Inhibitor. These type of product is used to prevent estogen from binding to the receptor and is an essential element of any PCT recovery when levels of oestrogen in the user will rise rapidly.

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One of the best anti estrogen supplements

This is an excellent PCT supplement for use after a prohormone cycle. It is specifically designed to restore the body's hormonal balance, and ensure strength and muscle gains are maintained.

Lower oestrogen and boost testosterone.

E-BOLISH™ is the first product of its kind and is pioneering a new approach to creating the perfect testosterone boosting, estrogen eradicating and cortisol suppressing machine.

Erase Pro™ gives you a hardcore formula geared towards that defined, dry, hard look we are all after.

Exotherm is an AI but its much more. We have added fat burners to it so you get more than just aromatase inhibition. This stuff is like a blowtorch.

KING’S BLOOD will claim the crown as the most advanced PCT supplement on the market.

This product is a natural anabolic aromatase inhibitor.

Prolactrone is a supplement that solves the problem of elevated prolactin levels. Often bodybuilders are faced with dealing with the effects of elevated prolactin. 
These effects include sexual disfunction, growth of breast tissue, and for some lactation.

Rebirth is the newest addtion to the Black Lion Research lineup, and the first product that can be considered a legal Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator, while being completely natural!

Rejuvenate can be used not only for proper post cycle therapy, but a stand alone product as well.

Once again, Olympus Labs is setting the standard for what a true over the counter post-cycle therapy (PCT) product should be. New and Improved Formula!

Topical AI for lean definition and strength!

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